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Nag is a third generation,anti tank,self guided missile developed in India by DRDO(Defense Research and Development Organization).This missile was developed under the Integrated guided missile development program.

DRDO has planned to develop this missile in 3 versions.
1. Wire guided version.
2. Infra Red version.
3. Milli metric wave version.

Infra red version missiles are already being developed,while works are going on for the development of other 2 versions.

Features of Nag Missile

Weight 42 Kg
Length 1.90 meters
Manufacturer Bharat Dynamics Limited(BDL),Hyderabad,Andhra pradesh
Diameter 190 mm
Warhead 8 Kg
Speed 230m/s
Wing span 400mm
Range  4 Km(land to land) and 7 Km(air to land)
Launch Platform Nag missile carrier(NAMICA),HAL Dhruv helicopter,HAL light combat helicopter.

Versions of Nag Missiles

1. Land to land Nag missile or NAMICA version

This version of Nag missile was developed initially.It use a specially designed Nag Missile Carrier(NAMICA) to launch the missile. It's guidance system is based on imaging infrared Passive seeker(IIR).This version provides very accurate and high hit probability and this version is also having a CCD camera ,this camera avoid jamming to a great extent.

Another advantage of Nag missile is it's propellant.It's propellant produce very small plump behind,hence making it launcher invisible from enemies.It produce plump for initial 1 sec. only and then after use a smokeless fuel.

Nag missile is the first one around the globe,which is made entirely of fiber glass hence it's light in weight too.

But there is one disadvantage also,NAMICA version is 'lock on before launch' i.e. it identify it's target before actual launch.It limited it's range to 4 km only.4 km range is some time not enough to use.

Nag missile

2. Air To Land Nag Missile or HELINA version 

This is the modified version of Nag missile which is designed to launch from air.
HAL Dhruv and HAL light combat helicopters are supposed to carry 8 Nag missiles embedded in their pylons
This version is 'lock after launch' i.e. it detects its path after being launched hence having a range of 7-8 km.The missile keep on sending the snaps of the area around it,the operator than lock the missile on the tanks in midway.

Nag Missiles

Future of Nag Missiles

Indian Army has given clearance to the Nag missiles and expected to buy over 300 missiles in 2011.Along with this success DRDO is now planning to work upon the more advanced versions of Nag missile which includes man portable missiles and Air missiles with better range (around 10 km) using millimeter waves for tracking.


  1. I am proud IND Army developing a new weapons,missile.
    "JAI HIND"


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