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Best Recommended Books For SSB Interview


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How to get addmision in Miliraty Schools

How to get Admission in Military Schools

1.    The schools have 300 boarders each plus 30 day scholars spread over from class VI to XII. 67% of the boarder vacancies are reversed for the sons of serving and retired JCOs and officers of the army and their equivalent rank in the Navy and Air Force, 10% seats go to service officer and the remaining 13% go to civil-loans. From all categories of seat, 15% are reserved for scheduled castes and 7.5% for the scheduled tribes.

2.    The vacancies reserved for the sons of service personnel (JCO and ORs) are allowed by the Army HQ (GS Branch, MT - 15) based on an entrance test conducted by MT 15, GS branch, AHQ in the third week of the February every year. Application forms and other details regarding eligibility etc. can be obtained by serving and retired Army personnel from their respective record offices and from Naval HQ (Education Branch) and Air HQ (Education Branch) by naval and air force personnel respectively. The principal has no powers to admit such boys. Schools neither issue admission forms nor receive the filled up admission forms.
Admission of Service Officers and Civilians

•    Applications of sons of service officers and civilians are to be submitted to the principal in the application form given at the end of the prospective. Boys are normally admitted to class 6th only. Last date for application for admission to class 6th is 31 October.
The admission test id generally conducted in the 3rd week of February every year.

Admission Tests

Admission process has three stages
•    Psychological test (those who pass this test will be permitted for the next test)        40 marks
•    Numerical Ability        60 marks
•    General Knowledge test   50 marks

Medical Check up

There are columns in the application form for preliminary medical certificate to be signed by a registered medical practitioner. This certificate is only a preliminary pre-requisite. Medical fitness of the candidates will be declared by a Medical board held in a Zonal/command military hospital nearest to home town. Those who are found medically unfit by the board will be refused admission on medical fitness as given in army order no.14/88.

Documents Requirement at the time of Admission

Parents/guardians must submit the following documents at the time of admission:-
•    Transfer certificates from the previous school showing the date of birth.
•    Two copies of latest passport size photograph
•    Application allowing the boys to take the scholarship examination (in case interested) along with the income statement of the last financial year duly attested by the Income tax authority/Revenue official not below the rank of Tehsildar.
•    An affidavit duly attested by the District Magistrate/ Commanding officer (in case of service officer) to the effect that the boy is not in receipt of any scholarship/financial assistance from Govt. source. (For those applying for their wards to appear in the scholarship Test).

Inter School Transfer in Military School

 Application for inter school transfer of entitled boys will be received by the principal up to 15 February each year and the transfer will be effected only in the beginning of the following academic year. Inter school transfers will not be permitted as a matter of routine but only under the exceptional circumstances or for any other extra ordinary reason considered valid by the army HQ (MT 15)
•    The parent/guardian is an ex-serviceman who wishes to transfer his ward to a school nearer his home to save travelling expensive.
•    The boy seeking transfer has a real brother studying in the receiving school.
•    Transfer on medical grounds duly certified by the RMO of the School where the boy is presently studying.

Common Entrance Test

A common entrance test for admission in all categories of children to class 6 in military school being conducted in the month of February each year.

List of Testing Centers:-
  • Station headquarters, Nasirabad.
  • Station headquarters, Baroda
  • Headquarters, Pune Sub Area, Pune
  • The Maratha light Infantry Regimental center, Belgaum.
  • Madras Regimental Center, Bangalore
  • Madras Regimental Center, Wellington.
  • INS Venduruthy, Naval Base, Cochin
  • Station Headquarters, Madras
  • EME Center, Bolarum, Secunderabad
  • INS Circars, Visakhapatnam
  • The Assam Regimental Center, Shillong
  • Station Headquarters, Jalabahar, Darjeeling
  • Headquarters Calcutta Sub Area, Calcutta
  • The Bihar Regimental Center, Danapore cantt
  • The Gorkha Regimental Depot, Jabalpur
  • No.1 Single Training Center, Jabalpur
  • Station Headquarters, Gwalior
  • Headquarters Meerut Sub Area, Meerut
  • The Rajputana rifles Regimental Center, Delhi Cantt
  • Station Headquarters, Dehradun
  • Station Headquarters, Jalandhar Cantt
  • Station Headquarters, Jammu
  • Chail Military School, Chail, Shimla
  • Ajmer Military School, Ajmer (Raj.)
  • Dholpur Mlitary School, Dholpur (Raj.)

Friday, 16 December 2011

Pay Scale/Salary Of an Indian Army Officer

Pay Scale or Salary of an Indian Army Officer

Its always a matter of Curiosity among people that how much an Indian Military Officer earns for his determined and hard job but for a true Soldier Money comes after the Spirit.

There was a time when this money was so small that most of the officers use to work in Private firms after a Pre- retirement from Army but now the picture is different.

Below is the Pay Scale or Salary of an Indian Army Officer

Grade Pay
Military Service Pay
15,600 – 39,100
15,600 – 39,100
15,600 – 39,100
Lt. Col.
15,600 – 39,100
15,600 – 39,100
15,600 – 39,100
Maj. Gen.
39,200 – 67,000
Let. Gen./equ
39,200 – 67,000
Vice Chiefs
Service Chiefs

This is a handsome enough monthly salary with many other accommodations, plus the reputed life of an Army Officer. The salary is small in front of a IIT, IMA pass out but the government has raised the bars in recent times and more handsome hikes are expected.

Please note that after adding DA the salary of a Lieutenant reach around 49,640, we are still to add the allowances. 
On this pay scale, an officer will be getting around 90,000 per month (excluding allowences) after 10 year of service. 

Officer Allowances in Indian Army

  1. Officers get a Starting Pay of 15,600 - 39,100 pm
  2. Officers also get a grade pay of 5,600 pm
  3. Officers also get a military service pay of 6,000 pm
  4. They get a small amount for Kit maintenance too, i.e. 400 pm
  5. There transport is almost free as they receive Transport allowance worth 1600 pm - 3200 pm
  6. While doing Field duty, they receive Field area allowance which is 25% of basic pay; i.e. 6700 pm
  7. For counter insurgency activities, they receive 6300 pm
  8. Officers working on high altitudes gets an allowance of 5600 pm
  9. Those posted in Siachen, receive an allowance of 14,000 pm
  10. Flying allowances are 9,000 pm
  11. Those in Parachute regiments, receive 12,00 pm more allowance
  12. Special forces gets an extra Allowance of 9,000 pm
  13. Gallantry awards also comes with additional allowances
  14. There is Technical Pay too
  15. Life Long Pension for retired Soldiers
  16. Qualification Pay, which can be anything between 6,000 - 20,000 pm
  17. After every 3 years officers get outfit renewed allowances of 14,000
  18. Entitled Rations
  19. Officers get an annual leave of 2 months and casual leave of 20 days
  20. Officers get 50% concession on Air Travel
  21. They get the passes for free train travel once a year
  22. A completely free medical facility for self and family
  23. Housing in Clean Cantonments all over India
  24. Canteen facilities at a very low price.
  25. Big Insurance Covers
  26. Group Housing Schemes in Big and Metro cities.
  27. Loans on very Low interest. 
  28. While doing Field duty, they get separate family accommodation.
  29. Enhancement of leave upto 300 days.
  30. Foreign Postings


Click here to find out the Rank Structure of Indian army

Friday, 2 December 2011

Regimental Song of Jammu and Kashmir light Infantry

 Regimental Song of Jammu and Kashmir light Infantry

JAK LI ke ham veer jawan
do rifle hai hmara nishan
mazhab hai hmara sainik
Hindu, Sikh na Musalman

balidanam vir lakshnam
balidanam vir lakshnam

volunteer banke ladai lade ham
lade the civil vesh main
militia tab the phir aaye ham
JAK LI ke is vesh mein

balidanam vir lakshanam
balidanam vir lakshanam

vir desh ke vir sipahi
banege desh ki shan
shish chada kar matra bhumi par
de denge balidaan

JAK LI ke hum veer jawan

Regimental Song of Dogra Regiment

 Regimental Song of Dogra Regiment

O mitra dikhi lai Dogra desh

sher mardan diyaan dhaniyan dikh lai
durga daroop janajiyan dikh lai
dikhi lai chandi de bhes
o mitra dikhi lai Dogra desh

salliyen dharen di duniyan dikhi lai
maujen te bharen di duniya dikhi lai
dikhi lai Chamba bhales
o mitra dikhi lai Dogra desh

dikhi lai amrat pi pi e paldi
dino din chanee nei baddi phaldi
gori di chaddhi bares
o mitra dikhi lai Dogra desh

parbaten nag sau sadhe de dikhi lai
duddei nei tawi nai khade de dikhi lai
nagni ale pales
o mitra dihi lai Dogra desh

mansar dikhi lai, sannsar dikhi lai
nhanna punnyan de ghar ghar dikhi lai
gande saranna dates
o mitra dikhi lai Dogra desh.

Regimental Song of Mechanised Infantry

Regimental Song of Mechanised Infantry

Hardam hi pahela uthayenge kadam
apne watan ko bachayenge hardam
virta shurvirta dikhayenge hum,
hardam _______

apni jawaniki parwah nahi
jan bhi denge yahi dharma
ab milkar ek duje se
ekta ki nai wein gayenge sargam

hum sare hindusrtan se aaye
uunch nich ka bhed bhav na ppayen
mechanised infantry ka ye,
naam sda roshan krne mein
yash or gaurav dene wala naam
hai sundaram

sun lo ek sandesh naa
bhed bharam ka bhav gaya
hath hathon me le vatan pe
mit jane ki khao kasam

Chahe jamin ho ya pani
aanch ham par mhi aani
BMP ke bal par
ldenge jb tk ho aakhiri dmm

sun lo ek sandesh naya
bhed bharam ka bhav gya
hath hathon mein le vatan pe
mit jane ki khao kasam

Regimental song of 45th Cavalry

Regimental song of 45th Cavalry

Our India is the best
amongst the countries of the world
we are nightingales and it is our garden

The highest mountain - lofty as the
skies - is our sentinel and our guard

In the lap of this garden - our country -
a thousand rivers play and make it the envy of paradise

Most civilizations of old have vanished from the earth
but ours has continued to this day

There is something that makes us immortal
despite the age - old hostility of the universe

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