Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Paramilitary forces

Paramilitary forces aid the operation of Indian army and many Law enforcement agencies in India.

Paramilitary forces work under the supervision of Ministry of home affairs.

Indian paramilitary force is world's largest paramilitary organisation.
The paramilitary forces can be divided into 2 broad categories,namely:-
1.Central Police Organisations(CPO).
2.Central paramilitary forces(CPF).

The Central Police Organizations (CPO) work Along-with the Indian Federal Police Agencies, State Police Forces and other Indian Law Enforcement Agencies. The CPO are commanded by Indian Police Service officers.It contains:-
  • Special Protection Group
  • Indian Home Guard
  • Central Reserve Police Force(CRPF)
  • Rapid Action Force 
  • Civil Defense
  • Railway Protection Force
  • Central Industrial  Protection Force(CIPF)
  • Commando Battalion for Resolute Action

The Central paramilitary forces(CPF)  consist of :-

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