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SSB’s Interview Call Letter Format

Interview Call Letter Format Of All SSB’s


 Date ……………………….
(a)    Tele No
(b)    E-Mail
 (c)    Website    :
(d)    Fax No
SCE/SCC/SCS/                /CU


 Dear Candidate,
1.    We are pleased to inform that you are nominated to attend SSB interview for joining the Indian Military Academy/Officers Training Academy/ National Defence Academy/Naval Academy. Please quote this reference along with your Roll No in all future correspondence.
 2.    You are requested to report at Selection Centre __________ or at the Movement Control Office (MCO), Railway Station, ________ at _______ on the dates given at Para 3 below. Our representative will receive you and arrange your conveyance to the Selection Centre.
 3.    You are required to report as under :-

Date of reporting


Batches (Regular/Absentee)


Primary choice



Secondary choice




4.    For ease of management and better administration of test, it is advised that you avail of the opportunity with the regular batch utilising the primary choice. In exceptional circumstances, you may decide to report for the regular batch on the date given as secondary choice. If circumstantially, due to unavoidable reasons/ commitments, the two dates mentioned in Para 3 (a) & (b) above do not suit your requirement, you may report with the absentee batch.

5.    Our representative wearing an arm band (TOP HALF RED and BOTTOM HALF BLACK with the inscription ‘SSB’) will be present at Movement Control Office (MCO) located at ___________ Railway Station, who will arrange your reception and conveyance to this Centre. In case of difficulty you may contact the Call up Officer or the Duty Officer at the Telephone No. given above. 

6.    Testing.    

This will last for five days, in two stages excluding the day of arrival. The details are as under:-
     (a)    Stage I   The Stage I testing shall commence at 0630AM on the first day and will
     comprise the following:-
        (i)    An Intelligence Test.
        (ii)    A Picture Perception and Discussion Test.
    (b)    In case of your rejection in Stage I, you shall be returned from the Centre by 1 PM that day.
    (c)    Stage II.    The Stage II test comprises the following for the next four days:-
        (i)    Psychological Test.
        (ii)    Group Test I and II for two days (In case of excess no. of Candidates, GTO Test
        may be conducted in one day)
        (iii)    Interview.

 Free boarding and lodging will be provided to you for the period of your stay at the Selection Centre.
8.    Joining instruction for your guidance and compliance are enclosed.
9.    Please bring this letter with you and deposit the same at the Centre on arrival.
10.    You are entitled to get traveling allowance in case you are coming to SSB for the first time for this entry.
11.    Please note that no lunch will be provided by the Selection Centre on the day you report to the Selection Centre.

12.    Medical Examination

    (a)    You should be physically fit and free from ailment or any health problem which may
    hamper your performance in the physical test/interview.
    (b)    In case you qualify in the Stage-II testing, you shall be required to undergo a Special                 Medical Board (SMB) over the next four to six days. In exceptional and                     unavoidable     circumstances, it may take up to eight days.  
    (c)    In your own interest you are advised to undergo a preliminary medical check-up for wax
    in ears, refractory error of eyes, fungal infections of skin, eosinophilia, knock knee and flat foot     or any other disease before reporting for SSB interview.
Note :-
    In case you are found unfit in the SMB, you are eligible for Appeal Medical Board (AMB) within 42 days from the date of approval of the SMB. In case you are found unfit even in the AMB, a final appeal i.e. Review Medical Board (RMB) application has to be submitted within 24 hours of approval of the AMB. Grant of RMB is at the discretion of the Medical Authorities. For AMB candidates are required to prepare  a MRO of Rs 40/-. The original MRO receipt is required to be retained by the candidates to be submitted at the time of medical board at the requested Command Hospital. The duplicate copy of MRO along with copy of request for AMB is to be forwarded to Rtg Dte within 7 days.
 13.    Candidates will adhere to laid down timings strictly.
14.    Candidate will not visit testing areas after testing hours.
15.    The conduct of the candidates both in the Selection Centre as well as when visiting outside areas should be correct and gentleman like.
16.    Any contravention of above orders or any act of indiscipline will invite immediate cancellation of candidature on disciplinary grounds.
17.    Cases of serious breach of discipline and conduct will be handed over to civil police and FIR registered accordingly.
18.    Candidates are not permitted to use mobile phones during the conduct of tests.

                                                                                                                                  Call up Officer
                                                                                                                              For Commandant

Friday, 6 April 2012

INS Chakra2 - Nuclear Submarine

INS Chakra2 - Nuclear Submarine of India

On 4 April 2012, Nuclear submarine INS Chkra (Nerpa) joined Indian Navy. After the gap of 20 years India became 6th nation to have a Nuclear Submarine in its Fleet; other 5 nations are US, Russia, China, France and England. A welcome party was organized at Visakhapatnam with Defense minister A.K.Antony as Chief guest.

Indian Navy is now eagerly waiting for India  made INS Arihant to join the team of Nuclear Submarines.
A full fleet of Indian Navy officers has been trained to command INS Chakra2 at a undisclosed base in Saint-Peters burg.



Features of INS Chakra2 (Nerpa)

  • Producers: Russia
  • Operators: India
  • Launched in: 2008
  • length: 110 meters
  • Speed in water: 43 km/hr
  • Speed on water Surface: 20 km/hr
  • Test Depth:  600mt.
  • Weapons: Anti ship missiles, surface to air missiles
  • Crew: 70 people including 30 officers
  • 10 year lease will cost 4.6 billion
  • Can stay for 3 months in water

Accident in 2008

India made the deal back in 2004 and even sponsored the  Production but an accident occurred during 2008 trails which killed 20 Russian soldiers. The reason was leakage of poisonous gas inside the cabinets, scientists worked from thereon to correct the defect and finally we are getting this killer on lease in 2012.

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