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SSB Jokes and funny Moments

SSB Jokes

With useful feedbacks, we are all set to collect funny moments during SSB Interviews. There Interview bring many light moments and unforgettable memories.

So Friends If you have SSB JOKES then mail us at Meanwhile enjoy these,

1. During Command test, GTO ordered a candidate to call a subordinate(another candidate to help)
    Candidate: Chest no.23 come here, i am your captain and he (GTO) is your Super Captain. Salute him and  then salute me.  :p

2. In Allahabad a group of boys visited a mall and planned to buy movie tickets, they were all finished their  interview and wearing formal dresses with ties.
    A Candidate: 5 movie tickets please
    Ticket vendor:  Salesmen are not allowed. :p

3. During Ground tasks a candidate was struggling in command task, the GTO was getting frustrated.
    Candidate after many attempts: Please tell me sir where to place this plank?
    GTO: Apne sir pe rkh le (put it on your head)
    Candidate after putting it on his head: Now What Sir?  :p

4. A guy was very confident that he will be the best dressed person during Conference .
    At the conference day, he was wearing Pink Shirt, Silver pants and Black tie.


SSB jokes

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Guide For SSB Interview Bhopal

Guide For SSB Interview Bhopal

Indian army will soon invite candidates for SSB interviews . Most of you  must have started the preparations, this post will help those candidates who will get Bhopal as their SSB center.



Bhopal, the city of lakes, is capital of MadhyaPardesh. M.P. is the most important middle Indian state, most of its area is plateau hence farming is not that popular. Major tourist attractions of Bhopal are; Sanchi, Ujjain and Kanha.
But for SSB candidates easy in reach places are Taj Udal mosque, Upper lake and lower lake.

How to reach Bhopal SSB Center

By Air

Bhopal is connected to all major cities by Air, Airlines which provide services in Bhopal are:
  • Jet Lite from Delhi
  • Jet Airways from Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Hyderabad and Raipur
  • Air India from Delhi
  • Spice Jet from Delhi and Indore

By Train

As Indian army does provide AC 3rd tier fair so why not Choose Indian railways for a happening journey. Again it's location connects Bhopal to all major cities across the nation.
  • Gorkhpur and Rajdhani Exp. from Bangalore
  • Nzm Garib Rath and Rajdhani Exp. From Chennai
  • Himsagar Exp. from Jammu
and many more, Bhopal is Connected with all major cities in India.

SSB Bhopal

SSB Schedule In Bhopal

Reporting Day, Day 0
Candidates need to gather at Bhopal Railway station around 2 pm outside the junction no.1. But the army buses always arrive late. Actually those are not army buses but hired local travel buses. The Bhopal SSB center is a treat to eyes, it is undoubtedly the best SSB center in architecture. 
Candidates keep their belongings into a room and gather for document Check. There is no document Checking in Allahabad but Bhopal is different. They will demand following Documents:
  • 10th mark sheet and passing certificate
  • 12th mark sheet and passing certificate
  • All graduation mark sheets and Degree certificate.
  • If you have not got the degree certificate from college then show your Provisional mark sheet.
  • Interview call letter or admit card
If a candidate fails to present all above certificates then he asked to leave center at that evening only (No matter from which part of country you came, you have to leave the center).

Then comes the Personal Inquiry Form which candidates need to fill by best of their knowledge as most of your Interview Questions depends upon this Form.

Screening Test, Day1
The test actually begins this day and candidates are subdivided into the groups of 15 each. Candidates then go through a easy Aptitude test. Aptitude tests are usually easy but never take it lightly. Aptitude test then followed by a Picture Perception and Discussion test
Here you will be shown a hazy picture and asked to write a short story after deciding the main characters. The group then discuss the story after individually narrating it.

They usually take around 40 students out of the bunch so if you are the lucky one then you have a good percentage to succeed.

Psychological Test, Day2
Also called the longest day of SSB as candidates undergo a long series of tests. The tests are so designed (by DRDO experts) that they fetch the real personality of you. You ultimately write everything about you with your own hands, Expert Psychologists analyze these tests and mark your character accordingly.
These Tests Consist of 
When day ends you hardly get time to go out but you can enjoy other facilities inside like Canteen, War museum and sports room.

Physical Test, Day3
Third day is for Physical Activities and all candidates join their GTO's in grounds. White T shits, P.T. Shoes and While Nikkas are expected to wear and ultimately leaves a fair expression. Candidates undergo these following tasks.
  • Snake Race
  • Individual Speech
  • Group Discussion
  • Strategy Building
  • Individual Obstacle
  • Group Obstacle
  • Half Group task
  • Final Group task
  • Command task
The day ends with GTO's word and candidates return to take rest. During Day 2 and 3 some of the candidates got interviewed by President and Depute President. 

Interviews, Day4
Interview day for remaining candidates to represent their candidature for the one last time. Please read important Tips for SSB interview and Common SSB Interview Questions for better preparation.

Conference, Day5
Last day of SSB know as Conference day as all individual officers associated with SSB interview gather to discuss about each candidate. Candidates are called for one last time in front of whole board. Candidates are advised to wear their best attires that day. 
Around 3 pm the results came out with a speech of Deputy President and successful candidates are asked to  stay while others move out with much determination and new Dreams.

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Buy Best CDS Exam Books

Best CDS Exam Books

CDS Exam held twice in a year and conducted by UPSC. Clearing this exam lead to SSB interview test at various centers to get entry in Indian army. The fruits are precious hence many candidates compete or this test every year. Here are some important points regarding CDS exam.

  • The exam is subdivided into 3 categories; English, General Knowledge and Mathematics.
  • OTA candidates give first 2 exams while IMA candidates give all three exams.
  • The level of difficulty is moderate but the high no. of candidates can make it tough to clear one.
  • Candidates usually prepare less due to the moderate difficulty level and then regret afterwards.
  • The written exam marks carry big importance as they decide your merit at the end of SSB interviews
Expert Views
Never take written exam lightly and do prepare from best of books available. One books is generally enough to get good marks in CDS written exam. Below are some important recommended and best books for CDS examination, bying these books from this site will give you the following benefits too:-

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Best Books for CDS Examination

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