Sunday, 27 March 2011


Arms and Services of Indian army

Indian army logo

Following are the Different Arms/Services or Branches under Indian Army:

Combat Arms Of Indian Army 
  1. Infantry
  2. Armour

Combat Support Arms of Indian Army
  1. Artillery
  2. Corps of Engineers
  3. Corps of Signals
  4. Army Air Defense
  5. Army Aviation Corps
  6. Intelligence Corps
Logistic Services for Support of the War efforts
  1. Army Service Corps
  2. Army Ordnance Corps
  3. Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering
 To Treat the Sick and Wounded
  1. Army Medical Corps
  2. Army Dental Corps
  3. Military Nursing Services

  1. Army Postal Services
  2. Army Education Corps
  3. Remount and Veterinary Corps
  4. Judge Advocate General
  5. Corps of Military Police
  6. Army Physical Training Corps
  7. Military Farms

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  1. just want to say that .... I am mad for indian ARMY..... n going to join Indian Army very soon.... so,
    wish me all the best ,,, ur wishes help me to get in ........... JAI HIND


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