Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Individual Speech Test

Speech test is given to see if the candidate has the power of arresting the attention of the group.In fact, it simply means that the candidate is able to impress others by the manner of expression,fluency,clarity of thoughts and all this need to be done in just 3 minutes.

You will be given 3 to 4 subjects, out of which candidates need to choose only one topic.He/She can prepare the topic for 1 minute before making the speech.

Tips for Individual Speech Test

  • Only select that topic about which you have the maximum no. of points in your mind.
  • Arrange your points in a proper manner before starting your speech.
  • Stand in a easy and gentle way, do not stand on one leg.
  • Avoid Hand movements and leg movements as it shows your nervousness.
  • Wish G.T.O and other mates before you start your speech.
  • Be clear with your thoughts and approach.Avoid politics and controversial topics.

Examples of Individual Spech Test Topics

Following are some topics, which you can practice upon
  • Disarmament
  • Money- evil or blessing?
  • Book you like most.
  • Role of UNA
  • Compulsory Military training.
  • Which comes first, mental health or physical health?
  • India's publicity abroad- is it adequate?
  • Discipline and it's important.
  • Which of the three services- Air Force, Navy or Army- should be increased in India?
  • Science can abolish poverty in backyard countries.
  • Classless society
  • Importance of hobbies.
  • My ideal of a teacher.
  • Dignity of labour.
  • cable TV
  • Internet
  • Medical Tourism 

Friday, 24 June 2011


Word Association Test (WAT)

Nature and Scope

Word Association Test(WAT) is one of the tools in the Protection Technique, employed by modern psychologists to assess the personality traits of an individual.The important tools of the technique are the Thematic Appereception Test(TPT) and the Psychological situation test which are discussed in the following post.


In WAT ,a word written or printed on a cardboard is kept exposed to the candidates for 15 seconds and he is asked to write a sentence,using this word within that 15 seconds.
Total no. of words shown are 50. Since the time is very short candidates has no time to think and hense they are expected to go with there sudden reaction towards that sentence.

Important Tips 

  • Write simple and brief sentences to save your time.
  • Your sentence must have some meaning but avoid extra preaching.
  • Avoid Negative and anti-social approach.
  • You can use proverbs or familier saying but not in excess.
  • Your words are representing you, so use them wisely.
  • Be patient and unnerved, don't get excited.
  • Leave some words if you are finding it difficult to deal with.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice as much as you can.


HOME     -   A happy home leads to a happy life.
FRIEND   -   A good friend is a real asset.

Try these words


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Military Schools in India

Military Schools India

There are 5 Military schools in India.
  • Chail Military School, CHAIIL (Simla hills, H.P.)
  • Ajmer Military School, AJMER (Rajas-than)
  • Bangalore Military School, BANGALORE (Karnataka)
  • Belgaum Military School, BELGAUM (Karnataka)
  • Dholpur Military School, DHOLPUR (Rajas-than)
Military schools were formaly known as King George V.Royal Indian military colleges and later as King George Schools.These schools provide education to the sons of Defense service personnel and prepared them for careers in the Armed forces.In 1952, the Miltary schools were reorganised as residential public schools for boys.Their objectives were enlarged and admissions were thrown open to the sons of Defense service Officers and civilians also.These schools are member schools of Indian public schools conference.Each Military school is also an army unit of the statys of catagory 'A' Training establishment of Indian Army.

These schools have produced a large no. of service officers.There are many senior officers of the rank of Generals and Brigadiers who are the proud product of these schools.


The Aims of Military schools are :-
  • to provide healthy,liberal and sound general education to boys between the age 10 to 20 years without religious inhibitions and prejusdices.
  • to develop in them those qualities of mid,body and character which enables them to become useful and good citizen of India.
  • to prepare them academically for all exams conducted by CBSE, New Delhi and UPSC.
  • to fit them as leader in any walk of life.

The school motto is embodied in Sanskrit words "Shilam Parm Bhushanam" which means "character is the greatest virtue".


The schools are run by the ministry of defense,Government of Indian.They are catagory 'A' establishment of Indian Army,under the control of the Director General Military Training,Army headquarters,New Delhi.

  • School Assembly
  • Physical Training and Games
  • NCC and Scouting
  • Co-Corricular activities
  • House system
  • Messing
  • Medical and Health Care
  • Functions/Celebrations
  • Recreation
  • Computer Training
  • Canteen
  • Services like Washerman,Barbers,Cobblers,Gardeners and Carpenters

The schools have 300 boarders each plus 30 day schoolars spread over from class 6th to 12th. 67% of the boarders vacancies are reserved for the sons of serving and retired JCO's and officers of the Army and the equivalent ranks in the Navy and Air Force,10% seats goes to the service officers and the remaining 13% go to civilians.From all catagories of seats 15% are reserved for Scheduled castes and 7.5% for the Scheduled Tribes.

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