Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Happy Holi

Holi wallpapers  

Happy Holi to all our readers; these festivals bind us and provide us reasons to smile, to make others smile.
Have a safe Holi and Please care about mother nature too.

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Friday, 2 March 2012

Akkash missile India

Akkash missile India

'Akash' missile finally joined Indian army and Indian air force, it will increase the strength of Indian military to many folds. Only a few European countries, Israel and America have similar kind of missiles.


'Akash' is 'Patriot' of India

In terms of Design and  parameters 'Akash' missile is well comparable to western 'Patriot' missile. This missile can work as a Interceptor missile too, its Interceptor system can blow 5 planes at a distance of 30 K.M. in air.
It have a missile navigation and radar system too, which can inform about 60 targets in way and designed to target multiple targets.

Features of Akash missile   

:   720 kg
Length:   5.78 mt.
Diameter:   35 c.m.
Range:   35 Km
Speed:   2.8 - 3.5 MAC
Designers:  DRDO
Cost of project:  around 23,300 cror
Base of missile:  Pune, Gwalior and several North-East bases 
Payload:   55 Kg conventional or Nuclear weapons
Manufacturer:  BHEL
Radar Associated Rajender Radar (with a range of 60 km)
Max. vertical range:  18 km

Initial Supply will contain
8 Squadron (1000 missiles) for Indian Air force, and
2 regiments (2000 missiles) to join Indian Army

Images Of Akash Missiles

akkash missile

akkash missile

akkash missile

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