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This is the first item of the G.T.O.'s test series which the Candidate have to undergo after they have done with Intelligence and Psychology test .All candidates divided into 4-5 groups each having 8-10 candidates each.Each individual group then placed under one G.T.O,then they provided with a long rope or bundle of long mat called as snake.The group is then asked to carry this snake across 4-8 obstacles one after another.

There are certain rules imposed on the candidates and their respective G.T.O.'s watch for the implementations of those rules.If they found some group carrying their tasks by breaching or violating those rules,then there are penalties for the whole group.

Some of the general principles and rules regarding Snake race are :-

  • This is a test,meant to check the team-spirit and command qualities of the candidates.A good candidate always try to bound the whole team, encouraging them to complete he task.   
  • There are certain areas along the path,which are marked red.Candidates are instructed never to touch that red area.If someone do so, the whole group face penalty.
  • The snake provided to the candidates is to be carried straight without bending or folding.
  • Unless the last candidate in the group has crossed a particular obstacle,the group is no allowed to move on to he next obstacle.
  • Any disjoint effort on the part of an individual candidate is likely to have substantial repercussion on the result to be achieved at the end.
  • The candidates should focus on physical effort rather then on a gift of the grab.
  • In this test , it is joint effort and performance of each group that matters.Hence coordination and concentrated effort is the key.
  • Candidates should put in their best efforts and should not feel dis-hearted even if the group loses the race.    


  1. Thanks for the details, Leopold. :)

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  3. What if a person clears the ssb interview but is unable to join the nda due to personal reasons ? What are the consequences ?

  4. will the SSB atmosphere be same for girl cadets also and wat are the physical fitness standars for girl candidates???

  5. there is some difference in standards, the height and width of obstacles is less for girls.

  6. What sort of obstacles are there???

  7. I need a suggestion from u..!
    I got call leter for tgc 124 and center was at allahabad......

    While applying i calculated wrongly and uploaded my semester marks in the application form.... and final semester mark also i was applied as i got only 68%

    But now in my over all marksheet including consolidated marksheet i got 71.50%

    My query is wheather i will go and attend or i quit this time.. because am from tamilnadu from my home town it takes me 2000km and above....

    And main query is wheather they disqualified me for this at any stage?

    1. I also got call letter,please give me your contact, ......

    2. Ramvignesh.. mail me @ ramvignesh21@gmail.com


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