Friday, 20 January 2012

SSB Jokes and funny Moments

SSB Jokes

With useful feedbacks, we are all set to collect funny moments during SSB Interviews. There Interview bring many light moments and unforgettable memories.

So Friends If you have SSB JOKES then mail us at Meanwhile enjoy these,

1. During Command test, GTO ordered a candidate to call a subordinate(another candidate to help)
    Candidate: Chest no.23 come here, i am your captain and he (GTO) is your Super Captain. Salute him and  then salute me.  :p

2. In Allahabad a group of boys visited a mall and planned to buy movie tickets, they were all finished their  interview and wearing formal dresses with ties.
    A Candidate: 5 movie tickets please
    Ticket vendor:  Salesmen are not allowed. :p

3. During Ground tasks a candidate was struggling in command task, the GTO was getting frustrated.
    Candidate after many attempts: Please tell me sir where to place this plank?
    GTO: Apne sir pe rkh le (put it on your head)
    Candidate after putting it on his head: Now What Sir?  :p

4. A guy was very confident that he will be the best dressed person during Conference .
    At the conference day, he was wearing Pink Shirt, Silver pants and Black tie.


SSB jokes

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