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Word Association Test (WAT)

Nature and Scope

Word Association Test(WAT) is one of the tools in the Protection Technique, employed by modern psychologists to assess the personality traits of an individual.The important tools of the technique are the Thematic Appereception Test(TPT) and the Psychological situation test which are discussed in the following post.


In WAT ,a word written or printed on a cardboard is kept exposed to the candidates for 15 seconds and he is asked to write a sentence,using this word within that 15 seconds.
Total no. of words shown are 50. Since the time is very short candidates has no time to think and hense they are expected to go with there sudden reaction towards that sentence.

Important Tips 

  • Write simple and brief sentences to save your time.
  • Your sentence must have some meaning but avoid extra preaching.
  • Avoid Negative and anti-social approach.
  • You can use proverbs or familier saying but not in excess.
  • Your words are representing you, so use them wisely.
  • Be patient and unnerved, don't get excited.
  • Leave some words if you are finding it difficult to deal with.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice as much as you can.


HOME     -   A happy home leads to a happy life.
FRIEND   -   A good friend is a real asset.

Try these words



  1. 1. happiness is easy to find
    2.mark goals and achieve them
    3.a recreational PLACE shud attempt everything possible in his life. not pick on other's weaknesses
    6. it was no one's fault.
    7. one shud on depend on his luck. har work and find your way out.
    8. love is all we need.
    9. junk can be recycled productively
    10. mohan works realy hard.
    11.the kangroo was jumping.
    12. save girl child.
    13. wait! be patient!
    14. sad is a type of emotion
    15. black mamba is poisonous snake
    16. he climbed a 12 ft wall easily.
    17. army is the best way to serve nation
    18 music shud be soothing
    19. run till the road ends
    20. he was keen to find about that girl in red dress
    21. lie is a lie
    22. dont make false comments
    23. market experiences a give and take relationship

  2. 1. Find the right one.
    2. Achieving goals makes happiness.
    3. Like minded automatically makes a club.
    4. Attempt is the first step to know a way.
    5. Vote is an effective way of picking the right one.
    6. Faults can be identified if Analise properly.
    7. Luck is a part of life.
    8. I love my mother.
    9. Junk is due to over deposition.
    10. Work wisely.
    11. See before, where you jump.
    12. Save a girl child.
    13. Wait for the right time.
    14. Sadness and happiness are sides of a coin.
    15. Sake and Ladder is a game on luck.
    16. Rahul Drvid known as great wall of India.
    17. The force of nation.
    18. Music relaxes mind and can create mood.
    19. Running is a good exercise.
    20. Be keen about your goals.
    21. A false intention made deliberately.
    22. False light makes a photograph dull.
    23. Take a decision with courage.

  3. Relating the words to your hobby and what u filled in PIQ may be a good move !

  4. 1. (find) find the truth
    2. (goal) focus on your goal.
    3. (club) a great place to hang out.
    4. (attempt) each of it teaches a lot.
    5. (pick) pick your favourite option as your career.
    6. (fault) everyone commits.
    7. (luck) dont need it.
    8. (love) cant live without it.
    9. (work) work hard for success.
    10. (girl)waste of time and distraction.
    11. (wait) never wait for a perfect time to come in order to commence any job.
    12. (sad) never be.
    13. (wall) paint it.
    14. (army) repleted with discipline and respect.
    15. (music) great mean of motivation and natures painkiller.
    16. (run) run!run!run! in order to escalate your stamina.
    17. (keen) pretty keen for my ssb results.
    18. (lie) never lie.leads to complications.
    19. (take) take an oath, start working diligently and bag your goal.

    sir please check the above stuff and let me know my results.i took 6.20 min to accomplish the task.also i dropped 2-3 words in the same.

  5. I find it easy to do
    My goal is to join army
    Club sandwich tastes good
    He attempt and get succeed
    Commander pick up the right soldier for the task
    Identify and correct the fault
    Hardwork than luck comes
    I love the thrill of army life

  6. he find that patient brings happiness
    Fix the goal and achieve
    I was president for social networking media club of muy college
    Attempt may fails,but should not fail to attempt
    Shoulder picked his weapons before going to the battle field
    I dont believe in luck
    No definite meaning for love
    Junk food is injurious to health
    work is first rest is next
    He jumped out of the wall to fight for his country
    Girl will be a lady one day
    we have to wait for the results
    being sad wont help to solve problems
    snake is being worshiped i dont know why
    To defend we need to build wall
    army is needed to solve this situation
    music may give relief for heart
    Run as much as we can to achieve we can
    keen clean
    false opposite meaning is true
    every new year he take resolution

  7. find the way to win
    Goal is not to achieve its should be in yourself
    clubbing is not that bad how wrongly people think of it.
    attempt till the death
    always pick the best but don't leave the rest.
    luck faavours the best
    love is life.
    junks are found in mail box
    work is the secondary. life is primary
    jump at the right time to succed
    treat each girl as u want ur ur daughter to be treated
    wait define ur confidence
    being sad will not take u to the height
    snake is a worshipped and not to get worried.
    never keep a wall between the relations
    music refreshes
    run till the end
    be a keen obeserver
    sometime being falsey also helps u out
    resolution is done every year not to have it bt to be with it.

  8. Practice every time with new words

  9. Practice every time with new words


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