Friday, 1 April 2011

Picture Perception Test

Picture Perception Test

This test is yet another part of Psychological test.In this test,the candidates are shown pictures related to different themes one after other on a giant screen with the help of projector.Each picture is shown to the candidates for half minutes. Candidates are asked to write a story about each picture within 3 minutes.

There is a total of 10 pictures shown to the candidates.The pictures shown are always hazy and lack details.Candidates are supposed to use their creativity to complete the picture.The last picture shown to the candidates is always a blank picture and candidates have to write, whatever comes into their mind at the moment  of time.

Some Hints and Advices about Story Writing:-

  • Candidates should prefer to write stories in past tense.
  • You are supposed to be the talented young graduates,so don't write stereotyped and a mature stories.  
  • The candidates can take reasonable risks.
  • To learn the act of writing a good story, CLICK HERE.


  1. no.of characters-3including a young man with 2ladies,
    Background-scene of a bar,characters were sitting around a dining table.
    Man is about 28years and one woman is of 24,and another is about 51years old,
    They were discussing on a serious topic.
    Robert piere was a son OF a peasant in a small village.his father used to earn his family's bread by working in other's field and also in houses like a servant.he wasn't able to give his family a good respect.pierey used help his father by giving him lunch from his home,but he was keen to study further.his father wanted to provide him best education too. so he left his village and came to a city,though he hadn't enough money to pay for his lodging so he worked in a hotel and continued his study.after completing his study he became a manager in a company.Lara wanted to marry him because she was attracted by she told him to meet for a coffy.she came in a bar with her mom and talked about his Pierey told them his storey and about his father.after hearing this their eyes filled with tears.but he promised to marry her after returning from his village so that he could meet his family.

  2. Using English Characters shows that you can think out of box.
    This definitely works in your favor but don't overuse this.

  3. life.............

  4. Sir,
    can you please tell me what main theme should we use in our picture perception test?
    are love stories (where separation,grief and happy ending is involved) stated by candidates are treated as their emotional weakness?
    or should we always remain stick to patriotic themes where atleast one character is from defense forces?

    1. just keep ur stories that u come across in ur life.
      try to reduce usage of patroitic stories, fire accidents...
      to know more visit

    2. Hi ritwik. According to me if you are in ssb then the backgroung of your story can be anything but the need to have a moral cause as well as the characters should have traits that can impress the psychologists.

  5. Good work Ritwik..ever since i started reading this blog..i was wondering the same thing.I have the same question as there anybody who can clarify this..Plase gentlemen..I'm in need of an answer!!!!

  6. for more stuff visit

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