Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Individual Speech Test

Speech test is given to see if the candidate has the power of arresting the attention of the group.In fact, it simply means that the candidate is able to impress others by the manner of expression,fluency,clarity of thoughts and all this need to be done in just 3 minutes.

You will be given 3 to 4 subjects, out of which candidates need to choose only one topic.He/She can prepare the topic for 1 minute before making the speech.

Tips for Individual Speech Test

  • Only select that topic about which you have the maximum no. of points in your mind.
  • Arrange your points in a proper manner before starting your speech.
  • Stand in a easy and gentle way, do not stand on one leg.
  • Avoid Hand movements and leg movements as it shows your nervousness.
  • Wish G.T.O and other mates before you start your speech.
  • Be clear with your thoughts and approach.Avoid politics and controversial topics.

Examples of Individual Spech Test Topics

Following are some topics, which you can practice upon
  • Disarmament
  • Money- evil or blessing?
  • Book you like most.
  • Role of UNA
  • Compulsory Military training.
  • Which comes first, mental health or physical health?
  • India's publicity abroad- is it adequate?
  • Discipline and it's important.
  • Which of the three services- Air Force, Navy or Army- should be increased in India?
  • Science can abolish poverty in backyard countries.
  • Classless society
  • Importance of hobbies.
  • My ideal of a teacher.
  • Dignity of labour.
  • cable TV
  • Internet
  • Medical Tourism 


  1. Respected sir,
    I need your help.
    Am i going to be allowed to select a topic from some given topics or i need to prepare on what the authority gives me?

    1. they will give you 4 topics to choose from.

    2. Respected sir,
      I am Ramesh I selected for ssb Tgc interview,in that I can speak hindi also please give me the reply sir

    3. Respected sir,
      I am Ramesh I selected for ssb Tgc interview,in that I can speak hindi also please give me the reply sir

  2. sir in airforce ssb also they will give me topics to choose....or i ll be given only one topic .?

  3. Sir in case i dont know anything about the topic what should i do? should i say sorry and leave it or can i ask for more time to prepare for the topic?

    1. hi Poem

      Yes they will give you 3-4 options to choose from,,Choice of topic also matter. Speak confidently once you opt a topic..You will get 3 minutes to prepare your speech.

    2. No, you can't say sorry or extra time... You have to speak whatever you have

  4. Hello Sir,

    Can u give some examples of the topic.....will it be from current affairs or general topics...actually i have to attend SSB next week...this is my first time....i am week in GK.

    1. there will be a mix of both kind of Topics, During a SSB the Topics were:

      1. Cable TV
      2. Medical Tourism
      3. SAARC

  5. sir,
    I have completed M.Sc.Information technology under anna university which comes under technical education but i couldn't find an apt place for me in military i want to become a military man by any cast i will try my best but i need to know other than cds exam is there any entry for a post graduate i went through the website but couldn't understand the details about SSB interview or how to enter as a military teacher or atleast in a short service commission,please help me sir.

  6. can we give the speech in hindi also?

  7. sir ,

    how the merit list will be prepared???, will they consider the marks i scored in college,school, sports participation in school,colleges,...

    1. May I know which entry you are referring to?

    2. no only ssb marks areconsider

  8. sir can you please tell me what is the discussion time given in ppdt?


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