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BMP2 Sarath

BMP2 Sarath

BMP2 is a second generation war machine.It is the modified version of BMP1 ,which was originally built by Soviet Union during 1961-1965.Now it's being used in many countries all over the world including India.India has developed its own version under the name BMP2 'Sarath'.
This war machine is basically a armored personal carrier mounted with a machine gun on top.

Features of BMP2 Sarath

Weight 14.3 tonnes
Length 6.72 meters
Width 3.15 meters
Height 2.45 meters
Crew 3+7 passengers
Armaments  TISAS(thermal imaging stand alone sight)
                   2 thermobaric missiles
                   2 tandem warhead Konkurs missiles
                   Integrated TI sight, an LRF,
                   AGL mounted on the turret which is also stabilised in the horizontal plane.
Speed             65 km/h (40 mph) (road)
          45 km/h (28 mph) (off-road)
          7 km/h (4.3 mph) (water)
Operational Range 600 km.
Primary armament 30 mm automatic cannon 2A42
                            9M113 Konkurs ATGM
Secondary armament 7.62 mm machine gun (PKT)
Manufacturer Ordnance factory,Medak(Andhra pardesh)

100 of these ICV(Infantry Carrier Vehicles) are being added every year and there are around 1000 BMP2 in active service.

Weapons of BMP-2 Sarath

The main armament is a 30mm 2A42 auto cannon with dual ammunition feed,which provide the operator an option between 3UBR6 AP-T and 3UOR6 HE-T / 3UOF8 HE-I ammunition.The Gun is provided with the stabilization control,which make it highly accurate while moving.It's rate of fire is 550 rounds per minute.



The AP-T ammunition can penetrate 15 mm of armour at 60 degree at 1500 metre while a new APDS-T tungsten round can penetrate 25 mm from a same distance.A typical ammunition load is 160 rounds of AP ammunition and 340 rounds of HE ammunition.This gun can be fired from either the commander or the gunner station.

The commanders 1PZ-3 site is specially designed for firing on Helicopters or slow air crafts.The turret can rotate 360degree in 10.28 seconds and elevation through 74degree in 12.33 seconds.

Future of BMP2

The future of BMP2 is not looking so bright as it's design is said to have many flows.The main problem is the design of it's fuel tank.Its designers have placed it's fuel tanks between the 2 rows of outward facing passenger seats.It means the infantry soldiers are sitting on fuel tanks and in case those fuel tanks got hit and catches fire then there is possibility of soldiers death.

The extra fuel is carried in the hollow side doors,which make the situation worse.A accurate hit can cause the painful death of Infantry soldiers inside.

BMP is also considered much lighter and weakly armed then it's other competitor's such as BTR-T.
Due to these limitations Indian army is also seeking it's replacement in near future and hence they are working on a project to prepare FICV(Future Infantry Carrier Vehicle).

bmp2 sarath

Indian army is using BMP2 in many versions such as
  • BMP2K 'Sarath' based armoured ambulance.
  • BMP2K 'Sarath' based armoured amphibious dozer.
  • BMP2K 'Sarath' based armoured engineer reconnaissance vehicle.
  • BMP2K 'Sarath' based NBC reconnaissance vehicle.
  • BMP2K 'Sarath' based carrier mortar tracked vehicle.
  • NAMICA-Nag missile carrier.
  • AKASH-Air missile defense system.
  • RAJENDRA-Multifunctional radar.
  • BMP-2 "UGV" - unmanned reconnaissance vehicle.

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