Monday, 11 March 2013

What Are the Qualities Expected of an Indian Army Officer?

Qualities of an Indian Army Officer

Qualities of an Indian Army Officer

Joining Indian Army is a very respectable job. Every year a number of army officers are commissioned who are in charge of leading enlisted soldiers into battle and protecting them from unnecessary harm while taking on responsibility for completing the mission at hand. Thus, in order to ensure its officers achieve these goals, the Army expects many attributes in its officers when selecting them for commission. 

The qualities are:-


  • Intelligence

The Army expects its officers to be above average intelligence as they are going to handle a capital of responsibility in planning and executing missions. TO get eligible in the Army, it only requires a high school diploma or its equivalent; officers must have at least a bachelor's degree from a four-year university prior to earning their commission.

  • Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is a major aspect as it allows the officers to keep a cool head under drastic conditions and use a great deal of self-discipline in the face of danger. An officer who lacks in self-discipline may put his subordinates in danger and arouse panic in the ranks.

  • Confidence

The officers should have strong confidence level to make a good decision in flexible and often changing environments. It will enhance problem-solving skills and intelligence with the passage of time.

  • Physical Fitness

An Army officer should not only mentally fit but physically as well. The officers should be physically fit enough to overcome any tiredness or exhaustion.

  • Respect

Army always expects its leaders to respect their subordinates and to assure their well-being. Officers must have ability to earn the loyalty of their troops by showing them respect and willing to protect them from undue harm.


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  1. Sir, wat do u mean by....physically fit...? does it mean he should hve well built physique....


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