Friday, 6 May 2011

Changing of the Guards

Changing Of Guards 

'Changing of the Guards' is a military tradition,whose origin is lost in antiquity.From time immemorial Guards and Sentries at fort,Palaces and Defense establishment changes periodically to enable a fresh body of soldiers to take charge.

Changing of Guards

Every Saturday,it's time for the ceremonial change of guards at the Rashtrapati bhavan,New Delhi.Its' done with a 40 min. traditional ceremony Infantry Army Guards and President's Bodyguard change guard with clockwise precision.

The regal bearing and hard training of the noble mounts of the President's bodyguard,greatly enhanced by their superb ceremonial equipage,heavily embroidered saddle cloths,ceremonial bridles and bits,lend a regal dignity and spectacle of incomparable colors and pageantry at this ceremonial parade.

After inspection,officers of the guard take salute and march past smartly.After entering inside the Iron gates of Rastrapati bhavan,the new guard take position alongside the old guards for formal salutary.Then the sentries of the old and new guards exchange keys .At the end sentries of the new guards on duty take post and remainder troops march off on the tunes of "sare jahan se achcha".

This Saturday it was the exchange of guards between 15 JAK(Jammu and Kashmir) riffles--older unit and Madras regiment--New unit of Guards.

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  1. again a colourful feather on the cap of the noble Veer Madrassi


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