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Corps of Engineers

Corps of Engineers 

Corps of Engineers

The Corps of Engineers is one of the famous part of Indian army and further divided into three parts - Madras, Bengal and Mumbai. The first of all was Madras which was formed in 1780 and consisted of 3 companies and is now located at Bangalore. The second one (Bengal) comes in 1820 and now located in Roorkee since 1853. Bombay sappers raised in 1820 and now located in Pune. 
In 1941 the three corps are redesigned into groups and called Royal Indian Engineers (RIE) . The title royal was dropped in 1950.

Madras Engineers Group

Madras Sappers Originated in 1780 and went into action that following year along with East Indian Company. Since 1947 Madras sappers were part of all the major military actions. There were there during the construction of road for tanks during Zoji La assault. Madras Sappers also participated in operations conducted by UN.  

Regimental Center of Madras Sappers  


War Memorial of Madras Sappers 

Ulsoor Lake in 1922 but then shifted near Regimental center in 1986.


Bengal Engineers Group

Bengal Sappers came into origin back in 1803. Some of their companies were also participated in uprising of 1857 hence those companies were then withdrawn. Bengal sappers are famous to built Bridges across impossible terrain as they did across river Chindwin, Burma and river Moro, Italy. They participated in all Indian wars after 1947 and they were the fist regiment to air lifted in Jammu and Kashmir. 

Regimental Center of Bengal sappers 


War Memorial of Bengal Sappers 


Motto of Bengal Sappers 

Ekta - Sewa - Ilam - Drirhta - Shoorvirta


Bombay Engineers Group

Bombay sappers trace their origin to 1820. They were first located in Mumbai and then located to Kirkee, Pune. Bombay sappers have some specialized elements - Inland Water Transport (IWT) and Para Field company.

War Memorial of Bombay sappers 

Khadki (Pune)

Regimental Center of Bombay sappers 

Khadki (Pune)

War Cry of Bombay sappers  

Jo Bole So Nihal, Sat Shri Akal 
Shri Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Ki Jai

Content and Picture Sources:
Indian army (by Lt. Col. Gautam Sharma)


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