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Punjab Regiment

Punjab Regiment

1st Punjab and 2nd Punjab trace their origin to the middle of the 18th century when the east Indian company raised battalions to the south. As the area of operations widened to the northern areas - Punjab Muslmans, Hindus and Sikhs reduce the intake from South. This makers the origin of Punjab Regiment out of Madras Regiment.

During the Reconstruction in 1922, senior regiments are merged to form Punjab Regiment. Due to the departure of Punjabi Muslmans after 1947, each battalion start having Sikhs and Dogras in equal compositions.
Punjab Regiment participated in all post 1947 wars. When the Brigade of the gaurds and parachute regiments were formed the senior battalions - 1 (para) Punjab became 1 Para and 2 Punjab became Guards.  

Punjab Regiment

Regimental Center of Punjab Regiment

Multan, 1923; Meerut Cantt 1946; Ramgarh Cantt 1976

War Memorial of Punjab Regiment

Ramgarh Cantt

Punjab Regiment Logo

Punjab Regiment


 Motto of Punjab Regiment

Jal Wa Sthal

War Cry of Punjab regiment

Sikhs - Jo bole so nihal sat sri akal
Dogras - Durga Mata ki jai

Different Battalions and their Raising Day of Punjab regiment

3 Punjab - 12 march
9 Punjab- 16 Jan
13 Punjab (Jind) - 1 Dec
14 Punjab (Nabha Akal) - 24 Oct
15 Punjab (Patiala) - 13 Mar
17 Punjab- 15 Nov
18 Punjab - 1 JAN
19 Punjab - 1 APR
20 Punjab -1 OCT
21 Punjab - 1 JAN
22 Punjab - 15 JAN
23 Punjab- 1 OCT
24 Punjab- 1 JAN
25 Punjab- 15 MAY
26 Punjab- 1 JUL
27 Punjab- 16 MAY
28  Punjab- 28 NOV
102 Infantry Bn. (TA) Punjab- 11 MAR

Source: Indian Army (by Retd. Lt. Col. Gautum Sharma)
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