Friday, 6 April 2012

INS Chakra2 - Nuclear Submarine

INS Chakra2 - Nuclear Submarine of India

On 4 April 2012, Nuclear submarine INS Chkra (Nerpa) joined Indian Navy. After the gap of 20 years India became 6th nation to have a Nuclear Submarine in its Fleet; other 5 nations are US, Russia, China, France and England. A welcome party was organized at Visakhapatnam with Defense minister A.K.Antony as Chief guest.

Indian Navy is now eagerly waiting for India  made INS Arihant to join the team of Nuclear Submarines.
A full fleet of Indian Navy officers has been trained to command INS Chakra2 at a undisclosed base in Saint-Peters burg.



Features of INS Chakra2 (Nerpa)

  • Producers: Russia
  • Operators: India
  • Launched in: 2008
  • length: 110 meters
  • Speed in water: 43 km/hr
  • Speed on water Surface: 20 km/hr
  • Test Depth:  600mt.
  • Weapons: Anti ship missiles, surface to air missiles
  • Crew: 70 people including 30 officers
  • 10 year lease will cost 4.6 billion
  • Can stay for 3 months in water

Accident in 2008

India made the deal back in 2004 and even sponsored the  Production but an accident occurred during 2008 trails which killed 20 Russian soldiers. The reason was leakage of poisonous gas inside the cabinets, scientists worked from thereon to correct the defect and finally we are getting this killer on lease in 2012.

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